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The Take: A history of Gaza’s worst and best days

On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea lies Gaza, a land that insists on living. Gaza is currently facing a war like nothing its people have seen before, but its history stretches far longer. Today, a brief history of Gaza and its people, on its worst and best days.

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In this episode: 

Jehad Abusalim (@JehadAbusalim), The Jerusalem Fund for Education and Community Development Executive Director

Episode credits:

This episode was produced by Chloe K Li and David Enders, with our host Natasha Del Toro in for Malika Bilal. Miranda Lin and Sari el Khalili fact-checked this episode. 

Our sound designer is Alex Roldan. Our lead of audience development and engagement is Aya Elmileik. Adam Abou-Gad is our engagement producer.

Alexandra Locke is The Take’s executive producer, and Ney Alvarez is Al Jazeera’s head of audio. 

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Source: Al Jazeera

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